Board of Directors

Here at the Schnecksville Community Fair all of the officers, board members and associates are strictly volunteers and dedicate their free time to organizing and running the fair.

2022 Officers

Emory Minnich        –    President
Daniel Wehr              –    Vice President
Terri Wehr                   –    Recording Secretary
Dianne Minnich        –    Corresponding Secretary
Lisa Minnich               –    Treasurer

2022 Board of Directors

Naomi Grim Kevin Minnich
Brian Haas Michelle Minnich
Karl Haas Darlene Wirth
Ron Heintzelman Gail Heintzelman
Debbie Smith Jim Wabals
Dennis Haas Xavier Fryslin


Competitive Entries / Premium Book Debbie Smith
Construction / Maintenance Emory Minnich
Entertainment Emory Minnich
Grounds Brian Haas
Volunteers Gail Heintzelman
Layout / Concessions Jim Wabals
Wanna be a Farmer Darlene Wirth
Advertising / Promotions Kevin & Michelle Minnich
Traffic Control Karl Haas
Livestock Naomi Grim / Dennis Haas
Gate Operations / Mascot Dianne Minnich
WebSite Steven Reppert / Kevin Minnich
Social Media Michelle Minnich
Special Contests Kevin Minnich
Sponsorships Debbie Smith / Dianne Minnich